Client Speaks

Client Speaks

  • We were in India in 2001 and we made at tour to Resource of Ganges and beyond to this to different glaciers. We were two people with guide, cook and helper. B.C. Bhatt was a guide from trekking Organization. Everything was organized very well, the job of guide was excellent and food was very good. The job of guide was always in favor of nature as collecting garbage from camping site and bringing down from mountains, following rule and conduct of Himalayas making mark in glacier for another groups.When we will back to India we would like to Organize our trips with their Organization Iron Horses Adventures. We like to highly recommended to this Organization.---------Christel and Wolfgang From Germany (teachers from Germany)

  • B.C. Bhatt from Iron Horse Adventures has acted as our guide and interpreter on a beautiful tour hrough Northen India targeting mount Shivling and the Bhagirathi Group after visiting Resource of Ganges, Gaumukh. The qualities as mountain guide are quite exceptional- the guide has the rare sensitivity to adjust the tour to the liking an prowess of his clients. It’s obvious that the training in the Indian Himalayas Mountaineering school has contributed a lot to his skills. However we have been even more impressed by human qualities of guide and very good knowledge about history of Himalayas. He personally checked every step of our route and safety is written virtually on his forehead. He was more than a guide he became our friend. We can state this looking back on much tour Organization and many guides we had through out our extensive traveling in Asia. We had many good guides but did not find one that was also articulate and friendly like him. You can by him and his organization all means entrust your security and the expectations of your trip to B.C.Bhatt . I’m positive that you will come back a life time experience-----------------Carman and Cluas Andreas Span from Germany(Senior Manager of Marketing IBM)

  • This letter is to recommended the services of Iron Horses Adventures of Trekking with B.C Bhatt as a guide. Last year in 2001 I booked trekking tour for resource of Ganges pilgrimage trek for the week of 3-10 th May. This was a trek from Gangotri to glacial source of Ganges with an overnight stay in Bhojwasa . Throughout the week’s journey from Rishikesh to glacier and back the trekking Organization Iron Horses Adventures staff managed all aspects of the trip in a thoroughly professionally and efficient manner. B.C. Bhatt as a guide forward planning was excellent, as was his management of the team for organizing the daily program, accommodation and meal requirements etc.Guide was always helpful and informative and totally trustworthy, which was an important and reassuring attribute as I was alone woman on my week’s trip into the mountains. I would have no hesitation in recommending Iron Horses Adventures for any Trekking/guiding assignments and wish them every success for the future----------Deirdre Crowle from Belgium.

  • I wish to my thanks to Iron Horses Adventures for providing me such kind of professional service as my six days trek to resource of Ganges Guamukh; the true source of Maa Ganga. The interesting story and history of region and mountains provided by guide B.C.Bhatt throughout the tour added to my enjoyment. Mountaineering skills of guide and constant vigilance for my safety and comfort allowed me to enjoy those incredible views that were in every direction. Food provided by cook was very delicious. I must also moment on rest of the team. The driver was most competent and young Nepalese boy, who functioned as assistant and porter, was specially kind to me and always cheerful and helpful. I thank you all for a most enjoyable and memorable tour.------Gordon C. Pine from Vermont U.S.A.

  • We took five-days trek to Valley Of Flowers organized by Iron Horses Adventures in the Garhwal Himalayas in early August 2001. the trek was included accommodation, cooking, transport and guide etc began in Rishikesh from there we drove to Joshimath and then way to Gobind ghat . After this we trek to Valley of Flowers. The charming B.C.Bhatt as a guide undertook coordinate everything in addition. Apart from stunning scenery, one of highlights of our trip was our guide, whose understanding of Western tourists is exceptional. We will never forget the friendly services proved by company staff and friendly nature. We both intend to trek in Himalayas again, we will again through this Organization------Paris Ayiomamitis and Tania from Athens Greece. E-mail:

  • We were very pleased to lead by B.C.Bhatt from your company Iron Horses Adventures for our tour in Gharhwal and Kumaun Himalayas. Guide was very good well informed about this region with great knowledge in history, culture, nature and special experience for tours in the Himalayan region. Kindly manner of guide of service and great help for all our wishes made the tour with him full of pleasure enrichment in all kind of interest and unforgettable. We can really recommended Iron Horses Adventures as very well organizer.---------Dr. H. Kaesmacher from Hamberg, Germany.

  • Tour Organized by Iron Horses Adventures for Chopta-Tungnath In Garhwal Himalayas was well organized and services provided by company as a guide was friendly, charming, prevoyant, abeyant, responsible, patience and humored. Food provided was very good a lot in quantity. Service provided was 5 star category. We highly recommended to this Organization.------Celine De Crombrgghe and group from Belgium

  • Tour Organized by Iron Horses Adventures for Chopta-Tungnath In Garhwal Himalayas was well organized and services provided by company as a guide was excellent, food was very good and enough. Staff was very good as driver and helper. My experience about this was more than my expectations and I’m very happy to organize my trek with this company. Personally I would like to feel more as part of group that their thankful, especially in time of meal in the mountains-------------Dr. Amilcar Contreres from France.

  • Tour Organized by Iron Horses Adventures for Kedarnath-Gangotri-Gaumukh-Tapaovan-Nandanvan trek. Service provided as a guide was excellent, very good, very interesting, very much cultured and we learnt many things about India from him. Staff was very nice and always takes care of us very well. Food was very nice, various and too much for two people. Trek was very beautiful and scenic view of mountains, high Himalayan beautiful settlements. Next time when we will be in the Himalayas we like to do again our trek with this company.---------Jean –Claude and Marie-Noel from France.

  • Views of clients for the trip To Kedarnath and Badrinath pilgrimage trip from Singaporean Group:

    Dear Mr. Bhatt thank you very much for the excellent guiding and hospitality throughout our journey to Kedarnath and Badrinath. You made it special for us and warm wishes and appriciation-----Sravanan and Malathi.

    Dear Mr. Bhatt, all of us wish to thank you for your excellent services and kindness throughout our spiritual journey-----Sushila Piley.

    Dear Mr. Bhatt we appreciate very much your services, kindness and thanks for your love and care. May all good things come your way with God’s blessings-----Rajender and Nirmalaa .

    Dear Bhatt, no words to describe for great carand concern for us, always with love----SL. Sheelah

  • We are two Danish girls, who have been five days trekking for Gaumukh and beyond this with B.C.Bhatt, trek was Organized by Iron Horses Adventures,on the trek everything was provided including tents,sleeping bag and lovely food; consisted of soup as starter, Indian or Continental food and dessert.Equally the Breakfast included with various. Because of the altitude it could get quite cold in the evening in particular, so provided us hot bottles to keep warm our sleeping bags. B.C. was a fabulous guide in every sense, his knowledge about history of glaciers.

  • Hello B.C. Bhatt,
    It is now October, and my thoughts travel to India and the beautiful mountains and valleys of Garhwal. It has been two years since Ellen and I had the good fortune to meet and travel with you. I truly hope that we will be able to do it again before long. In the meantime, I have visited your website many times, and have clicked on it from many different locations. I don't know if the last part helps your Google rating, but it can't hurt. I have also submitted an e-mail to Lonely Planet recommending your services, and I hope you get some good responses as a result. Ellen and I send you and your family our greetings, and we send you our best wishes for a beautiful Autumn season------Phil and Ellen from U.S.A.

  • Dear B.C. Bhatt Due to some travel changes, I just finally arrived back to my home yesterday late in the day, so I was not able to answer your kind email before this. I still wake up and expect to be in a tent or a hotel in India for the past few mornings! I think it will take a while to get used to being back here. Our time in the Himalayas with you was truly a magical adventure for me - I will dream of it forever. The smell of smoke and spice, the colors, people's smiles, the children yelling "Namaste" in the villages to us, listening to you and the boys talking and laughing around the fire, even the scary roads and above all the mountains, sunset and sunrise, all are experiences I will keep in my heart and remember when I look at the pictures we took. Thank you for your care of us and the fun we all had. I wish you all the best success and hope we will meet again. I would like to stay in touch with you from time to time if that's ok? Thanks for sending the song along! Best wishes, Mountain Tiger!------ Andrea From U.S.A.

  • Hello B.C. Bhatt,
    Thank you for the wonderful tour of the Himalayas and India.
    We feel that we have been on an adventure trip. Wonderful people, beautiful scenery and sumptuous mountains. Everything was perfectly laid up from your side, and we had many experiences that were an extra plus. For me it was one of those golden moments visit the school. There is so much difference from how children in Norway have it! Hope everything goes well with you and family.------Mette Hammersland from Norway.

  • Dearest Bhagawati,(B.C.Bhatt)
    We love hearing about the beloved Himalayas! And also of the Shiva festival. We remember well our little trek to the Neel Kanth. A very powerful place indeed.
    Lots of light and joy------Miriam, USA.

  • Dearest B.C. Bhatt,
    It was nice to receive your email. Hope you are enjoying your travels. the remainder of our India trip after Rishikesh and Haridwar continued to be wonderful... we did miss having your expert guidance)
    Glad your business is doing well and that you are busy leading many treks.
    i know you are so knowledgeable and make a great trip for all your customers:-)
    Wow... sounds like your northern India trip was wonderful :-)
    we also visited Agra and the Taj mahal after we left your tour... it would have been great to have had you as our tour guide for that as well.
    love southern India and the warmth. We hope to return to India soon.
    will give your contact info to my travel agent. Thanks again for all your help. best wishes to you and your family for the new year.------Tarini from Tri Yoga, U.S.A.

  • Dear Bhagwati Charan, Namaste:
    We think about all of you often and when we tell others about our trip and all of you we always mention how everything was planned so well and that all of you were so considerate, responsible and nice and that at all times we felt so safe and taken care of so well!
    We send you lots of love and light from here,------Eva and Angel, Germany

  • Hello B.C. Bhatt.
    How have you been? It's been a year since our trip to Hemkund Sahib. Well, we are planning to go again in 2007 and hope you will be our guide again. We really enjoyed our trip with you the last time. Well, next year our group may be bigger. Do keep in touch with us so that we know you are still there and we can count on you next year.
    By the way which month do you think will be a good time to come? Are there any new hotels in Govind Dham? Is your friend in Devlok ok?
    Hope to hear from you. Everyone in the group send their regards to you.------Jasbir Kaur, Malaysia.

  • Dear Mr. BC Bhatt,
    Namaskar and greetings from Denmark! I am very fine here, have taken my studies up again with which I am quite busy.
    I have great memories of Riskikesh and the very friendly way you treated me. It was all very pleasant.
    Nice to hear that you are busy with business. I am sure I will come back one day to do some trekking and rafting with you guys.
    Pass my best regards to Raguvender (how is it spelled?)------Morten, Denmark.

  • Dear Mr. B.C.Bhatt
    happy new year and best wishes for a fantastic 2007. We are just closing our Ganga reportage and we would like to publish also some information about your agency. We would like to recommend you to our readers. So, please, could you send us as soon as possible, the prize the tour we made together (excluded international flights): same hotels, same days, and same guide (you of course). Plus, same more days if somebody want to reach the Gaumuk glacier.
    I hope to receive news from you because we really want to present you and your agency in the best ways.-----Laura Leonelli and Mauro Galligani, famous photographer from Italy

  • hi hi mr. bhatt!!
    i'm Jin, do u still remember me?
    how are u? Heard from Jeanine u juz returned home from your extended holiday..lucky u..
    really very happy to have known u & the rest from the trekking in Nepal, hope we'll have more chance to travel together in future...and thank you very very much for your unconditional help all the time!
    take good care & keep in touch yah..-----Jin from Singapore

  • Namaste' B.C. Bhatt
    It was a great joy to meet you. Our friendship will last and deepen over the years. Being in India 2 months and having experienced India since the 80's with over 8 visits, Swami Kaliji can say having you as our tour guide was the best by far. Your honesty, devotion, and expertise knowledge won our hearts.-----Yogini Kali Ray(Founder of Tri Yoga,

  • Namaste' B.C. Bhatt

  • Dear B.C. Bhatt,
    Our visit to India was probably the best trip we have had in 18 years of travel and six continents. Our time with you and our treks in the Himalayas was the best! We will highly recommend you to Lonely Planet and will share your website with others we know who enjoy adventure travel. We hope to spend more time in India in the future. If we do we will contact you. We wish you all the best in the future!-----Gordon and Tammie Sanders from England, trekking for Valley of valley of flowers.

  • Project for Kids in Himalayas-social work :

    Thank you so much. I was just looking at the pictures of the children in their sweaters. I hope you and them are doing well. Jennifer sends her best wishes and we hope that 2009 will be a great one for you and your family.
    Sir, I hope you and your family and all the school children are doing well. I do not yet have another trip to India planned, but I keep trying. I occasionally look at the pictures of the school children and am so grateful to you for allowing us to help them have warm clothes to help with the cold weather during the school year. Thank you again for the wonderful experience of India that you provided. -----John Austin, Canada.

  • Hello, B.C.Bhatt!
    I'm happy to hear from you. I had an incredible time and have arrived in USA. My favorite part of the whole trip was Rishikesh. I'm glad you're doing well. Enjoy your trekking. I'm back at work now. I will keep in touch. Does your project w/ the children have a website? I'm interested in learning about it.
    Thank you and your friends for this wonderful project. It sounds great! I'm happy you are able to help so many children and their families. Keep in touch. If you need supplies donated, money donations or volunteers let me know and I may be able to help.
    I'm so grateful to the many people who are so giving of themselves to help others. It sounds like a great project.
    Many thanks for your kindness in Rishikesh, -----Jeanette Karren, from USA

  • Good day Mr. B.C. Bhatt
    We are well and back, busy catching up with our work load.Thanks for showing us around, giving us a better insight of your country culture. Hopefully next year we can gather enough friends to do the Kalindi khal pass.
    Once again thank you. -----Suat from Singapore

  • Dear B.C. Bhatt !
    Thank you for this wonderful trip to Ladakh! We all enjoyed it very much! Me, my husband and our 03 kids. Thank you so much for organizing it truly wonderful and taking care of us very well.
    We have beautiful pictures and I would like to send you some, but need your address. I have some prints for you. Please, send me your postal address, and then I can send them. -----Dr. Irmi and Dr. Suso from Austria.

  • Dear B.C. Bhatt !
    Thank you for this wonderful trip to Ladakh! We all enjoyed it very much! Me, my husband and our 03 kids. Thank you so much for organizing it truly wonderful and taking care of us very well.
    We have beautiful pictures and I would like to send you some, but need your address. I have some prints for you. Please, send me your postal address, and then I can send them. -----Dr. Irmi and Dr. Suso from Austria.

  • B.C. Bhatt! Hello! Happy to have a note from you! Thanks a lot, way home was without any problems, but long) And our trip was really amazing and healing for me, after very hard year, but, You totally right - too short( I'm missing India =) Thank You very much for so wonderful trips you organize, for your care, tolerance and patience, guess, sometimes it's hard with us. And you are very lucky with your family, I was enchanted by your children, they are beautiful!
    Hope see you again, send some your photos)
    P.S. Polina told me about idea of total cleaning in Chopta, and I'm working on a poster for you now) Will send with the next letter, as soon, as it will be done!-----Tania from Mascow, Russia

  • Hari OM B.C. Bhatt, thank you for your nice message. I came back safe. It is cold, we have snow some days! Freezing! Thank you once more for your services in Gaumukh and Tapovan, we all enjoy very very much the trek. Thank you for your organization, very comfortable with these entire guys so nice. Thank you special to Kailash, very patient!
    Just one little remark, from the group, they would have prefer more vegetable or cheese sandwiches on the trek. French people are very demanding about food !
    Thank you.
    I would plan another trip next October, the dates could be between 15 oct and 2 nov 2011.-----Claire and yoga group from France

  • Hello B.C. Bhatt,
    Really great to hear from you...thank you so much for everything you did for us in India...we had a FANTASTIC time with you, and then down in Rajasthan.
    Jan and I are away again until mid January, so if there are any that you like. Please mark them and I can send. Once again, thank you for your excellent services and friendship. We really hope to meet you again in India. Happy Christmas from Jan and I...and all good wishes for a great year ahead. Namaste,-----John Beatty (Famous photographer) and Jan Beatty from England.

  • Hello B.C. Bhatt,
    I would like to introduce you to my good friend Tommy Leep. He is visiting Bangalore for a wedding in June and is thinking about doing a trek in the mountains. So I thought of you immediately and showed him pictures from my trip.
    He is still figuring out his travel plans so it would be great if you two could talk about options for a trek in the mountains. I really enjoyed our trip to Chopta and Tungnath, but I am sure you will be able to provide him with other good suggestions to match his timing and the seasons.
    I am excited to hear if you two can line up a trip.-----Peter from USA.

  • Hello B.C. Bhatt,
    Hi Mr. B.C. Bhatt, Just in case you don’t remember me , my husband’s name is Nandkishore Deopersad. Sorry I took so long to e mail. When I returned to Germany I was very sick. I had gotten bronchitis and was not aware of it. I am a bit better now and have sent an e mail to Mrs.Ursula Roschy today but I have not called her yet. Thank you for your help particularly at Auli and for the assistance you gave my husband. He will always treasure that trek to Mahavatar Babajis cave and Pandukoli.I am not sure when we will return to India but thanks very much for making it memorable and enjoyable. I know I will not forget the beauty of the Himalayas. You are lucky to live there.-----Maltie Maharaj from West Indies.

  • Dear Iron Horses,
    I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: "We had Mr BC Bhatt as out guide to Hamekund Sahib halfway up the Himalayas. He is an expert guide and trekker, and can organise "normal" holiday trips as well. RECOMMENDED!"
    Service Category: Trekker/Holiday Guide
    Year first hired: 2012
    Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity-----Dr. Gobinder Singh from Malaysia.

  • Dear Iron Horses Adventures,
    I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
    Details of the Recommendation: "We had the pleasure of hiking the Cuari Pass with a fantastic team from Iron horse Adventures in October 2012. Mr. Bhatt guided our private group with supreme knowledge of, and outmost respect for the mountains. His love for, and friendship with the inhabitant of the region gave us a unique experience, in addition to the beautiful sights, our lovely camps and delicious food! I will give Mr. Bhatt and Iron Horse Adventures my warmest recommendations and hope to hike with them again soon in this stunningly beautiful part of the world!"
    Service Category: Hiking Indian Himalaya
    Year first hired: 2012
    Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity-----Hilde Lill Harrison from Norway.

  • We spent in April 2013 a wonderful week in the Himalayas. Along the Ganges we drove from Rishikesh in an eastward direction to the mountains. Mr B.C. Bhatt guided us seven days on diversified paths to holy, inspiring temples and places full of energy, where we had an impressive panorama view of mountains, valleys and the snowyHimalayan mountain chain. The daily trek between three an five houres. Mostly the ways keep going on pretty steeply rising. The highest point for us was on about 3680 meter altitude. Our trekking guide could adapt perfectly on ours peed, because we booked him for us two only.
    That incredible silence, the inviolacy of the nature and those clear mixed forestes with rhododendron trees, full of beautiful pink and red flowers, had delight us so much. We observed birds, butterflys and a himalayan fox. Through some little villages with nice painted window – and door frames we walked. We saw quit working mens pinning wool and weaveit and we were astonished about the physical power by thewomen. They went up to the mountain in their colorful and pretty saris and flipflops, searching pieces of wood and brances with leaves and bore a heavy weight down to the village.
    We slept in guest rooms or in tent and we enjoyed the local food. Nice conversations and comfortable get – together in the evenings with B. C. Bhatt and our driverSundar, who drove us so gentle and secure, completed our days.
    Our trek was perfect organized by B. C. Bhatt. No luxury but we have got in every sense a five star service and we can sincererly command Iron HorsesAdventures.
    In April 2013 erlebten wir eine wunderbare Woche im Himalayagebiet. Dem Ganges entlang fuhren wir von Rishikesh aus östlich in die Berge. B. C. Bhatt führte uns auf abwechslungsreichen Pfaden zu heiligen und inspirierenden Tempel und Kraftorte, wo wir mit beeindruckenden Rundumaussichten auf Berge, Täler und die verschneite Himalayabergkette belohnt wurden. Die Tagesetappen dauerten zwischen drei und fünf Stunden. Meistens führten die Wege relativ steil hinauf. Unser höchster Punkt lag auf ca 3500 m ü m. Unser Trekkingguide konnte sich perfect unserem Tempo anpassen, da wir ihn nur für uns zwei gebucht hatten.
    Die unglaubliche Stille, die Unberührtheit der Natur und die lichten Mischwälder mit vielen Rhododendron Bäumen durchsetzt, voll mit herrlichen rosa- und rotfarbenen Blüten, haben uns tief beglückt. Wir beobachteten Vögel, Schmetterlinge und sogar einen Himalayafuchs. Wir durchwanderten einige kleine Dörfer, idylisch gelegen und mit schön bemalten Fenster- und Türrahmen geschmückt. Ruhig arbeitenden Männern sahen wir beim spinnen der Wolle und weben zu. Wir staunten über die körperlichen Kräfte der Frauen, die in ihren wunderschön farbigen Saris und in Flip Flops den Berg hinauf in den Wäldern nach Holz und belaubten Aesten suchten und ein unglaubliches Gewicht auf ihren Rücken hinunter ins Dorf schleppten.
    Geschlafen haben wir in Gästezimmer oder im Zelt und wir haben das locale Essen genossen. Gute Gespräche und ein gemütliches Zusammensein am Abend mit B.C. und unserem Fahrer Sundar, der uns übrigens ruhig und sicher über die teils schlechten Strassen chauffierte, haben unsere Tage abgerundet.
    Unser Trek war bestens organisiert. Kein Luxus aber ansonsten bekamen wir einen 5 Sterne Sevice angeboten.
    Wir können Iron HorsesAdventuresherzlichst weiter empfehlen.-----Martina and Patricia from Switzerland.