Kanchenjunga Trek
Kanchenjunga trek

Kanchanjungha, the third highest peak in the world lies on the eastern border of Nepal with India. On this trekking you will experience remoteness of country, romantic mountain views, diverse flora and fauna and rich local culture. Mighty Kangchenjunga glacier is the most famous attraction of Kanchenjunga. Great valleys, encircled by high peaks, are another feature of Kanchenjunga. Mt. Kanchenjunga is a massif with its highest peak reaching 8,586metres. It is encircled with dozens of peaks, each of them competing with their queen.

Day 01: Trip commences in Kathmandu, introductions and formalities 1336m

Day 02: Sightseeing around Kathmandu Valley

Day 03: Suketar (2300m) by air then trek to Phurumba 1950m

Day 04: Chirwa 1190m

Day 05: Sakyathum 1648m

Day 06: Amjilasha 2490m

Day 07: Gyabla 2730m

Day 08: Ghunsa 3430m

Day 09: Lonak 4700m

Day 10: Pangpema - North Base Camp 5100m

Day 11: Ghunsa 3430m

Day 12: Sele-le Cross - camp at Sele-le

Day 13: Tcheram 3870m

Day 14: Ramche 4620m

Day 15: Andaphedi 3000m

Day 16: Amjikhola 2340m

Day 17: Amphudin 1690m

Day 18: Phumphe 1850m

Day 19: Karebhanjaga 250m

Day 20: Lalikharka 2220m

Day 21: Suketar 2340m

Day 22: Kathmandu by air

Day 23: Day in Kathmandu - sightseeing/shopping/optional rock-climbing

Day 24: Trip concludes in Kathmandu